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PharmacologyCore, scientific of pharmacists are Pharmacology, which includes changes in organ function is affected or not affected the drug either directly or indirectly. here is a drug therapy or better known drugs pharmacotherapy.Coverage is the use of drugs for the prevention, diagnosis, signs of the disease process. Pharmacotherapy of law applicable in the prevention or treatment when not managed to recover the total then, the drug or medication used to improve the quality of life of patients and perform daily activities without dideranya hindered by illness.In general, the drug works in two ways, namely the effects of topical and systemic, topical effects work through the given point, for example topical anesthetic lotion sunbloking and local, whereas systemic effects working through the blood circulatory system and eventually released daritubuh. Most drugs are intended for effects such as pain and infection and maximum length is intended to effect such chronic diseases. 

Originally DrugsDrugs derived from various sources, mostly derived from plants such as morphine, animals such as insulin and minerals such as silver. But now the source of the drug is no longer with the look but can be done dialam laboratory. The results of the discovery of new drugs are called semisynthetic or synthetic drugs. Synthetic drug discovery process is done by disconnect, remove and replace the chemical bonding of the structure of the drug by chemical means.Further after the development of science in Biotechnology, drugs derived from animals such as E. coli, can now be obtained by inserting molecules that will copy the code Hybird molecule and can be produced on a large scale berualng. This technique is commonly known as cloning.Clarification and Classification of DrugsBasically clarified drugs based on three things: its effect on specific organs, the use of perapi and chemical characteristics.  

For example, morphine is clarified in the central nervous system depressant, narcotic analgesics and opioid.Generic Drugs and patent medicineGeneric drugs are the drug names based on chemical classification, the official name and the name of the maker. Drugs and drug patents are granted by the naming of the inventor and manufacturer of the drug maker. Patent is valid for 14 years, and usually very expensive. This is due to drug discovery been on the market require trillions of dollars. At the time of this patent drug manufacturers are prohibited from kerjas produce the same drug, or a different brand.Can be produced by other manufacturers when, his patent is purchased or until the drug menunggi offpaten. This type of drug known as mee too drugs. And the price is very economical.The set is of no less importance is the drug approval process before being released on the market.  

There is a long series of processes which are the main requirements from the discovery of new compounds, laboratory tests on animals, then continues on the man with Melawati Phase (I. II, III, IV). And now it is still held by the FDA, based in USAPharmacoeconomyAfter a drug manufactured and marketed. It's time the drug is used in health care such as hospital, clinic or other health care centers. This is when the drug must be taken into account in more detail, especially related to farmakoekonominya. Farmakoekonomi here covers the cost of drug therapy, purchase, dispensing (pharmacists' salaries), storage, administration (salaries nurse), laboratory tests, and treatment duration.Drug InformationAfter the drug had been through a long series of processes. Further Information neighbor these drugs.  

Conveyed and recorded to make it easier for those who want to use it. The main row is diteksbook, journals, articles, and websites.Hopefully the above information, assist the pharmacist to know the scientific basis and make it easier to develop science, where the gap is supposed to be a pharmacist fully patched and ready to partner with other health care professions.


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