Ward-based pharmacy

Many people equate ward-based pharmacy with ‘clinical’ pharmacy, but we think that these are two very different things. we demonstrated our belief that all pharmacists, no matter where they are working, should regard themselves as ‘clinical’ pharmacists. Just because you are on a ward does not necessarily mean that you are thinking ‘clinically’. It depends on your workplace what your ward duties are as a pre-reg, and in reality, when you start your ward based duties, many of these are of a technical rather than a clinical nature.

Ward-based pharmacy may include some of the following activities:

* Drug history taking or medicines reconciliation: this includes contacting GPs, speaking to patients and their carers, assessing patients’ own medication, etc.
* Ordering of inpatient items for patients
* Checking ward stock, including controlled drugs and injectables
* Ward stock top-up
* Audit work
* Updating and maintaining ward folders
* Producing patient care plans
* Speaking to doctors, nurses and other ward staff to resolve any medicine-related problems
* Advising ward staff on correct administration of medicines, including injectable drugs
* Counselling patients or carers on their medication, e.g. device or warfarin counselling
* Contacting community pharmacists and GPs before patients are discharged to ensure smooth patient transfer back into the community
* Giving training sessions to ward staff on medicine-related issues
* Undertaking specific directorate work for specific teams of doctors; this may include financial, audit and formulary work 
* Attending ward rounds
* Writing, screening and preparing discharge prescriptions
* Providing written patient reminders to aid patient compliance
* Providing answers to medicine-related enquiries for ward staff and patients.

by Umaee
source: hospital pre-registration handbook
image: goldx.com.au
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